New deadline for your application. The Deadline to apply is now February, 16th 2024 (23h59, Brussels time)



Admission and Selection

Application campaign for 2024 - 2026 for EMMaH EMJM scholarship is now open!

All applicants are invited to read carefully all information provided about eligibility, required documents and online application process.

Candidates from all over the world can apply to the EMMaH Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree. Both scholarship and self-funded applicants submit their application through the same online application form.

The selection of applications is coordinated by the Selection and Examination Board of the EMMaH Master including members of the four partner Universities (ULille, HAW, IPP and TMU).


Academic requirements


Student application for admission in the EMMaH programme is entitled for students holding a Higher education (HE) undergraduate degree (e.g., Bachelor degree, Licence, 180ECTS) or a recognised equivalent level of learning in accordance with the EMMaH Master programme.

The expected scientific background is the following: Health Sciences, Biomedical engineering, Audiology, Clinical Physiology, Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy or equivalent.

Candidates are expected to have prior basic knowledge of calculus (multivariate functions, (partial) derivatives and integrals), linear algebra (vectors, matrices, linear systems of equations, matrix-matrix and matrix-vector multiplications, determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors) and linear ordinary differential equations (ODE).

Candidates should provide in the application procedure a convincing demonstration that they have a strong background related to the indicated fields.

Students should provide a proof of HE undergraduate degree by application with their official academic transcript and average grade.

Students who do not yet have their official HE undergraduate degree by application date may apply by submitting their latest academic transcript translated in English and officially approved by their higher education institute which must display their marks on each module taken and average grade so far. If selected, they have to provide their official degree or certificate of HE undergraduate degree achievement by the 30th of August, or their enrolment to the programme will be canceled.

Language proficiency

The whole EMMaH programme is taught in English and English proficiency is therefore a basic requirement. All non-English native speakers must attest a valid B2 English level (CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference) or equivalent:

  • IELTS 6.0 to 6.5
  • TOEFL iBT 88
  • Cambridge First or Advanced
Sufficient English language proficiency may also be demonstrated by proof of two years of full-time study in English or of native fluency.

2 years full-time studies minimum in English (certificate from the previous university).

Applicant must provide a certificate for their English level at the time of the application, as a mandatory document.


Selection of the applications

The selection will be based on criteria listed in the table below, with their respective weight. The most important criterion is the previous academic achievement along with the relevance between the applicant’s background and the fields of study of EMMaH. Previous practical experience such as work experience or traineeships in hospitals or industry will also be considered positively.


Previous academic results and grades : 45%
Practical experience /projects : 10%
Motivation and career objectives : 25%
English proficiency, for non-native speakers : 20%


Applicants will be ranked according to their merit rating, from the highest to the lowest rating, and a first short list of candidates is contacted for an interview organized as a videoconference.

Online interviews consist in 10 min auditions that break down into a presentation of the student, general questions, to explore and assess applicant’s profile and motivation to study in the EMMaH programme.

Following the interview, the final ranking of applicants is approved by the Selection board by averaging the scores from the electronic applications (50%) with the interview performance (50%). The generated ranking is used by the Selection and Examination Board to establish a selection of approximately 40 applicants.

Two final lists are established:

  • a list of selected students who can either be awarded an EMJM and/or UFA scholarship or self-funded (about 20 students)
  • a reserve list including all the remaining selected students (about 20 students). Applicants from the reserve list will be contacted in case of a withdrawal, within the limits of available places.